When wildlife shows up on your property, it can be more than just a nuisance.  In most cases, unwanted wildlife can constitute property damage and in some cases a health hazard.  If your property has been invaded, you need a team of experienced professionals to eliminate the problem once and for all.  That's were we come in.  As an established wildlife control company in the capital district, we have the tools and expertise to remove wildlife in a quick and effective fashion.

We offer humane wildlife removal for:

  • Bats

  • Squirrels

  • Ground hogs

  • Skunks

  • Chipmunks

  • Raccoons

Most nuisance wildlife can be trapped and removed from your property.  Pest control unlimited uses humane trapping and removal options.  All of our services are warrantied.

Please call for a free inspection, we can figure out the best approach for trapping and excluding any type of pest that you have.


Bats are a common pest issue in our area.  They nest in the attics of many homes and buildings.  The first step to getting rid of them is a good inspection of the attic and exterior of the home or building.  We will identify the entry points and make a plan for sealing them out for good.  Call for a free inspection today.


Squirrels live in the trees surrounding our homes and offices.  When fall comes many squirrels will try to find warmer nesting sites in the attics or walls of homes and buildings.  This will lead to noises and property damage!  We can humanely remove the squirrels and seal up the entry points to keep out any more from entering in the future.

Call for a free inspection today.

General Wildlife

Occasionally wildlife may find a good nesting site under your deck, shed, addition or yard structure.  Usually its a ground hog or skunk creating a burrow or digging up your yard.  We can trap and remove the wildlife and in most cases use a heavy duty screening to seal them out for good.  Call for a free inspection today.