Mice are commensal rodents, this means they are dependent upon human habitat for the essential elements of food, water and shelter.  From the city to the suburbs mice remain a very common pest problem in the capital district.  When mice enter a building/home they tend to go undetected for a while and during that time they are setting up nesting sites in attics, basements and garages.  Damage from mice consists of food consumption/contamination and from the droppings and urine usually found in stored boxes, pantry's, cabinets and attic/basement insulation.  As with all commensal rodents, there is the potential for the transmission of a number of diseases to humans from handling the rodent, from bites, droppings or their arthropod parasites.  Mice are usually nocturnal and reproduce quickly.  

Have rodents invaded your property?  Don't try to set traps or take care of the problem on your own.  The longer you live with rodents, the more damage they will do.  At Pest Control Unlimited, we are here to help by offering:

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